Imperial Decree #190

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Imperial Decree #190

Post by Bryce Aeon »

Board of Directors,

I was reviewing some things regarding the Sports Authority, specifically related to ID #190.

1. I do not see that a bank account has been established for each league and each team
2. I do not see commissioners for each league.  We will not wait last minute to begin league play and drafts.
3. I do not see the bylaws for each league.

I have directed the Grand Imperial Viceroy to provide an update on the actions and if necessary have the Grand Inquisitor General look into the Authorities operations.

I am requesting that you address these matters sooner than later. Otherwise, decisions shall be made from the Throne.


In the name of the Emperor

Prince Bryce Aeon
Crown Prince Regent of the Imperium
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Re: Imperial Decree #190

Post by Rasim Aeon »

Issue a new decree combining the charter as you see fit.
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