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S.T.O. or other Starship RP

OOC discussion of the different virtual worlds, game systems, etc.
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Grand Chancellor of the Imperium
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S.T.O. or other Starship RP

Post by Horus Andrus »

Star Trek Online at one time was to be the place for starship rp for the Aksum Imperium.  A lot of people, including me, had ships in other groups.

Is this still a relevant use for some of the Imperial Starfleet RP?  The decision to do so rests with the Imperial Service.  This discussion is more for the benefits of using S.T.O.  

If you know of others, make the recommendation.
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Re: S.T.O. or other Starship RP

Post by Allister Nexys »

Let me be the first to say that the biggest benefits of STO and the Imperial Navy would be team building/coordination and communications for Space missions. I honestly think that the PvE 'No Win Scenario' would put people to the test in the long run. Also we could build the current assets.
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