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A Welcome Howl from Branor

Place where new immigrants announce themselves
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A Welcome Howl from Branor

Post by Branor Wolfswift »

Greetings esteemed citizens and nobles of the Aksum Imperium,
 I am pleased to introduce myself—my name is Branor Wolfswift, a proud member of the Werewolf clan resided in the Moonshadow Forest, on the planet Wolfen, now a territory under the auspices of our great Imperium. I have joined to engage, learn, share wisdom, and perhaps even growl a bit—only in good spirit, of course.A Glimpse into My PastBorn to a long line of werewolves, and previously loyal and friends with the Wolfen. I inherited not just the gift of transformation but also a legacy of loyalty, courage, and a keen sense of social justice. My family has been part of the Wolfen pact for generations, and I proudly carry on that tradition.

Skills and Abilities
  • Keen Instincts: Equipped with heightened senses, I can offer unique perspectives on various matters.
  • Diplomacy and Strategy: Having served as an emissary for my clan, I possess skills in mediation and strategic planning.
  • Combat Prowess: My claws aren't just for show. I offer my abilities for the defense and prosperity of the Imperium.
Hobbies and Interests:
  • In my leisure time, I enjoy studying the celestial bodies that govern our transformations,
  • practicing combat techniques,
  • and penning down ancient lullabies of my people.
  • The arts of tracking and howling are also pursuits I find particularly enjoyable.
Future Aspirations:
  • As a loyal member of the Imperium, I strive to bridge gaps between our diverse communities.
  • I aim to foster relationships, promote mutual respect, and contribute meaningfully to the collective wisdom of this great nation.
  • And let’s not forget—ensuring that our moonlit nights are both mystical and safe.
I am eager to participate in quests, share insights, and collaborate on policies that benefit both human and non-human communities of the Aksum Imperium. My inbox is always open for any who wish to connect or require assistance.

With my loyalty unquestionable and my spirit unyielding, I look forward to becoming an active and beneficial member of the Aksum Imperium.

May our nights be ever moonlit and our howls ever harmonious!


Branor Wolfswift 🌕🐺
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Re: A Welcome Howl from Branor

Post by Branor Wolfswift »

Oh yeah, didn't follow all the instructions.

I was recruited by Triston Love and Allistar Wolfen.  
I wish to join the Wolfen Clan and live in Weredal.

I think I am all covered. 

See you all around.
Chief Fleet Marshal
Chief Fleet Marshal
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Re: A Welcome Howl from Branor

Post by Kirstan Renders »

Welcome.  Hope you enjoy your time here.  Very impressive intro.
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Re: A Welcome Howl from Branor

Post by Triston Love »

Glad to see you finally made it Branor!!!
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