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Use of links

Grand Chancellor of the Imperium
Grand Chancellor of the Imperium
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Use of links

Post by Horus Andrus »


The Imperial Police is tasked with enforcing rp and ooc rules on the board as they apply to their role.  

One of those being the use of links.  I would remind all, that you may not use links that recruit people to other groups, or sites, to sell things, or to material that you do not have rights to.  The exceptions to these are to get approval. If it is intellectual property or other protected material, please provide 
a description in your post of what you are posting to and whether or not you have the rights to the music or video.  Under DRM and other Copyright rules you do not need the permission of the content creator. 

If you have links on any of your posts, please review and correct.

If we see the issue being rampant then the ability to post links will be restricted.

The following individuals or their designated suboridnates can approve.

Knight Marshal Ben Legiticus
Grand Steward Xenos Sanguinoso
Grand Master Architect Christopher Firehawk

Submit requests to the request for assistance forum

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Re: Use of links

Post by Rasim Aeon »

I have asked the team to publish a list of sites authorized so that people do not need to request approval each time.  Any site we discovered compromised will be removed from the list.  To assist with this I have approved the use of a media embed extensions, so people do not have to guess what they are about to see.  The procedures Horus has already stated remain in effect until all this is done, and will also apply to any site not listed.  Thanks, I hope this helps and improve the process.
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Chief High Marshal
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Re: Use of links

Post by Christopher Firehawk »


The embed media extensions has been added. The only sites that are forbidden are those that end in .ru or any site that has had a history of malicious activity.  The ability to use the media embed has been given to Full Citizens and above. If you can't use the media embed then it means you don't have the access or that site is not working.  Please submit a request for assistance to confirm.