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Welcome new immigrants

Place where new immigrants announce themselves
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Welcome new immigrants

Post by Xenos Sanguinoso »

Greetings everyone,

Over the last month we have had new people start the immigration process.  I am listing them here with their requested states.  State governments will contact them for further processing.  I will no longer state their desired service and let the IS handle that.  Not all have completed applications, once they have they will be made Citizens per Imperial Decree.

Love Stone -  Aksum
Nestor Nietzsche - Lemuria
Nemor Attica - Lemuria
Nadia DeVil - Sangral
Benson York - Acarecia
Triton Uther - Thera
Carter Crandon - Gramos
Jobe Renders - Gramos
Dresden Austin - Avalon
Arthur Crone - Acarecia
Lace DeVil - Sangral
Cedric Rhodes - Lemuria
Oscar Stone - Aksum
Apple Benton - Babylon
Raven Grimsbane - Oria
Dreyfus Wolfen - Weredal
Beyer Demondred - Sangral
Bruce Chainsaw - Oria
Nari Nuubert - Gramos
Enos Love - Weredal
Rowan Smalls - Aksum
Cyrus Maelstrom - Oria
Sol Blackman - Oria
Peter Prescott - Aksum
Rachel Smalls - Aksum
Mistrel Mars - Acarecia
Wolfe Windseeker - Mexia
Peyton Polire - Solacia
Paige Skylark - Mexia
Jacque Tome - Aksum
Trish Limorne - Maya
Crede Andrus - Avalon
Honor Hart - Babylon
Priest Vildar - Babylon

I am also confirming some of the claims of being former members and will submit those to the powers that be.
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Re: Welcome new immigrants

Post by Alexys Nexys »

Welcome to all! 
Especially those to Gamma 
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Re: Welcome new immigrants

Post by Nadia DeVil »


This isn't my first rodeo here.  Slight name change.  Those that know me, remember me.  Time to have some devilish fun.  I won't break any laws or at least try not.  Hope to see ya around.
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