On behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Rasim Aeon, Hello and Welcome to the Aksum Imperium. If this is your first time here, please proceed to the Welcome Center and introduce yourself, or you may proceed to your Quadrant introduce yourself there.

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Thank you,

Grand Duke Xenos Sanguinoso
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Place where new immigrants announce themselves
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Post by Shawna Johns »

Hello everyone,

I'm not a new immigrant, just had not introduced myself and mainly been reading and getting an understanding of what we have going on.  This is truly interesting.  Well, without breaking the rules of outing my rl self, I am a political science student and I know some of the people already here.  Hence my arrival.  I  have already taken the tests for the Imperial Service.  I do intend on being engage when and where I can.  I hope to meet new friends and be a friend.

I am here as a bicurious female (she/her/hers) who has some vampiric traits.  The sun doesn't bother me because of my human side and the vitamins I take.  

One thing though.  Do we really need the webpage? I think it adds confusion to the process.  I think the folks responsible do a good job of walking you through but what if they are not around or are slow to answer emails?  I'd be welling to help if you wish.  

Oh yeah, what if we want to donate to the upkeep? Has there been any thought to a donation tab.  Maybe make that part of the credits you get. Like the other games where your rl currency is used for entertainment purposes only.  

Ok, that was it.  No more random thoughts for me.  

Again Hello!!!
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Re: Hello

Post by Rasim Aeon »

Hello Shawna. Welcome to the Imperium.  We have considered creating a donation tab, may go forward.

Speak with Xenos Sanguinoso about helping him and what help you can provide.
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Re: Hello

Post by Bismark Nexys »

Welcome to the Imperium, enjoy your stay!
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Re: Hello

Post by Katy Hemby »

Hello and Welcome to the Imperium Ms. Johns!!!
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